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Create the most stable environment for your plants, herbs and vegetables to thrive year round! The accessories listed below will help you create the most energy-efficient and successful growing environment for your home greenhouse kit.


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STEP 1: Determine the Style of Greenhouse That Will Fit Your Needs:

Curved Eave:

Straight Eave

STEP 2: Will You Be Attaching Your Greenhouse to a Knee Wall (Our standard kneewall height is assumed to be 28")?

Yes No

STEP 3: Select Your Desired Gable End(s) Design: (See Illustrations Below)

Stand Alone Model:

One Plain, One Gable Door

Two Door Gables

One Door, One Gable Attached

One Plain Gable Attached

Lean-To Model:

One Plain Gable, One Door

Two Door Gables

Two Plain Gables

One Door, One Gable Attached

One Plain, One Gable Attached

STEP 4: Determine Your Desired Width & Length Dimensions:

Width: (Standard widths are approximate. Custom length/width available upon request.)

Stand Alone:

Length: (For either Stand Alone or Lean-To Model)


Please Note: Foundation dimensions vary with different gable end applications. Do not pour your foundation until you receive a complete set of drawings from National Greenhouse. Be sure to consider your existing structure/gutter overhang when determining your length and width dimensions.

STEP 5: Covering Options:

Curved Eave Models:
Straight Eave Models:

STEP 6: Choose Your Finish: (Same price for either color.)

White Bronze

STEP 7: Equipment Options:

Heating Options:
Desired Min Interior Temp:
Other Option(s):
Evaporative Cooler
Circulating Fan(s)
Shade Cloth, Exterior
Additional Motorized Roof Vent (Stand Alone Models)
Awning Windows (Manual Openings)
Mechanical Ventilation Inlet Shutter Exhaust Fan(s) (Sized to match greenhouse)
4-Stage Controller (Fully-Automated Greenhouse Controller)

STEP 8: Loading Requirements:

Ground Snow Load:
Or Roof Live Load: (No Snow Areas):
Wind Load:

STEP 9: Planned Date For Build:

Month: Year:

STEP 10: Additional Comments:

STEP 11: Where Did You Hear About Us?