Greg Ellis

You will seldom see Greg without his Nexus hat – it is one of the many hats he has worn over the 35 years he has spent in our industry. Greg’s experience includes being a grower filling flats, packs and containers with a shovel and broom to grow bedding plants,cut flowers, potted annuals and vegetables, to new product development and sales for a major horticulture product manufacturer, to designing and providing state-of-the-art greenhouses for his customers. Greg has a very special connection with his customers. He has worn their hats and speaks their language. Greg has a thirsty mind and always wants to learn more. During his time as a grower, he completed his Masters Degree in Business Administration and believes the number one responsibility to his customers is to ensure the design and construction of a well thought-out facility that is functional and uses their capital wisely. Along with a great sense of humor, Greg knows the real gifts in his life are his wife and two children. If Greg is not with his customers, you know he is spending time with his family. Greg supervises the Nexus sales efforts of the West and Southwest.

Contact Information:

Northglenn, CO
Phone: 575-680-2696
Fax: 303-457-2801
Cell: 505-715-0090

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