Structures: Specialty Structures

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This is a category of structures dedicated to our customer's imagination. These pictures show the results of our customer's question "Can you design .... ?"

Nexus designs “Specialty Structures” to create a personalized look for a business or to solve an architectural desire. A specialty structure is whatever YOUR  imagination can dream up!

    • Dormers – No Problem!
    • Hipped Roofs – Certainly!
    • Covered walkways and Canopies – Of Course!
    • Roof Cupolas – Definitely!
    • Unique Entryways – YES!
    • Roof-top Restaurant Greenhouses – EASY!
    • Even a greenhouse growing operation on a barge!

Across our nation we have designed some of the most beautiful retail garden centers incorporating many of the above concepts. Nexus can design your retail garden center with spacious interiors using vaulted trusses and rigid frames or by eliminating columns for better display space and wider shopping aisles.

Whatever your imagination considers, we can design and build for you. Just call us and give us your vision and we will make it happen.