Structures: Zephyr Adaptors

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Your Nexus Teton or Grand Teton quonset greenhouses can be converted into a naturally ventilated Zephyr style range with the use of a Zephyr truss adaptor. The economical and easy to bolt-on conversion updates your range to a state-of-the-art naturally ventilated greenhouse without the issues of a new construction project. Just as the versatile Nexus truss design adapted to different roof coverings, the same flexible engineering design allows for venting and cooling upgrades.


By definition a zephyr is a gentle breeze. The Nexus Zephyr™ is a proven cost-effective solution for natural ventilation because it offers the grower a gentle breeze to help optimize growing conditions. In these economic times an efficient, naturally ventilated house can cut your operating costs without a large capital investment.


The Zephyr vent offers an improved cooling solution to an old problem by the use of efficient vertical ridge vents at the peak. In the Zephyr, hot air escapes at the highest point in the greenhouse, not at the lower gutter area as in a wing design. Top ridge vents allow for dehumidification and ventilation even when snow is in the gutters. The Zephyr's  vertical vent design protects your crops from heavy rains and minimizes the risk of losing vents in the roof from high winds. Also, insect screens install in a snap.


Vent options include: drop down curtains and single or twin wall polycarbonate covered Atrium style vents. Roof covering options are: rigid covering or double-poly with the option of adapting to a rigid cover later.