Founded fifty years ago by Donald McCrimmon, an engineer to answer the industry’s need for a well-built greenhouse that would meet building requirements and withstand severe weather, Nexus became synonymous with well-built.

Nexus Corporation purchased National Greenhouse Company, based in Pana Illinois in 1990. This acquisition gave Nexus a base in the institutional and residential markets in addition to expanding its commercial product offerings to include glass and aluminum structures.

In 1994, Cheryl Longtin and Mike Porter purchased the company, whose past experience in international corporations allowed Nexus to go beyond the traditional greenhouse manufacturing role. Their leadership for 22 years positioned Nexus as the industry leader in greenhouses for not only commercial growers, yet also for retail garden centers, conservatories, and research facilities.

In 1996, Nexus built a new manufacturing plant in Pana allowing both aluminum and steel frames to be produced in this state-of-the-art facility. In 2012, the Pana facility was doubled in size for additional manufacturing capacity and new automated CNC machinery. Significant investments are regularly made in robotic welding and cutting machinery to maximize efficiency.

In 2016, Gibraltar Industries acquired Nexus, a manufacturer and distributor of building products for industrial, transportation, infrastructure, residential housing, renewable energy and resource conservation markets. Nexus continues to look beyond traditional ways of doing things towards what is possible for our customers.

Northglenn, Colorado is the headquarters for the Nexus team along with a full production facility. All engineering, customer service, and operations occur at this location. The headquarters team ensures that projects continue to meet deadlines and changing customer needs. Nexus professional engineers are licensed in 49 states. The sales organization of Nexus is second-to-none. Their vast industry knowledge gives them the ability to work with customers to design facilities that not only incorporate the latest in growing knowledge, yet also meet the local construction standards.

Nexus regularly introduces new leading edge products that our customers need to improve their success. As an example, a number of years ago, in recognition of the need for natural ventilation by our customers, Nexus introduced the Zephyr Greenhouse ™. We continued to improve our natural ventilation product and to identify versatile enhancements that would help growers and retailers by introducing the Atrium™ and Dual Atrium™ structures. Today, those products incorporate many vent and covering offerings and evolve as our customer’s needs change. Nexus will continue to listen to our customers and design new products that meet the needs of commercial growers, institutional projects, and retail garden centers. 

Go to the product section of this web site and look at the various structures that we have designed to meet your specific needs. Our Nexperts can help identify exactly what you need.