Gotham Greens Takes Locally Grown Produce to a Whole New Level

This article in Greenhouse Grower Magazine in July 2014 is a story about Gotham Greens and how they built the country’s FIRST commercial-scale rooftop greenhouse operation in Brooklyn, New York. The article also talks about their plans for two more projects. One is on the rooftop of a Whole Foods Market in Gowanus, Brooklyn and the third is a 60,000 square foot rooftop in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens. The article explores how they made their vision a reality.
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Gotham Greens Builds World’s LARGEST Rooftop Greenhouse

Gotham Greens partnering with Method Products PBC, constructed the world’s largest rooftop greenhouse in Chicago, Illinois. Read the interview with Viraj Puri, CEO of Gotham Greens as he describes their project to integrate food production into the LEED Platinum certified manufacturing facility. The Nexus greenhouse is over 75,000 square feet and will grow over 500 tons of fresh salad greens annually for the Chicago market.
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The Flower Bin Creates Space for Veggies

Veggies and other edibles were in such high demand that the Flower Bin in Longmont Colorado built them their own space in their store. The new greenhouse was an addition to existing greenhouses and added a 13% increase in sales this year. The article in Produce Grower in October, 2014 describes their plan to add more space for that growing market.
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A Destination Spot for Edibles and Floriculture

Walker Farm tells Produce Grower in March 2015 about its willingness to listen to the market and make the changes that they need to. Just because they have been in business for 200 years, does not mean that they are not flexible. Their ever-evolving business has more than 25 greenhouse structures designed to cater to the southern Vermont customers.
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AgriStarts Ramp-Up Edibles Program

AgriStarts in Apopka, Florida tells the editor of Produce Grower in March 2015 about their 30,000 square feet of Nexus Greenhouse with all the “bells, whistles, shades, lights and automation you could possibly want and filled it up with edibles”. AgriStarts continues to look for new niches in providing edibles. Some of its more popular crops are rare plants that are difficult to find in the US.
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Everything’s Kosher

Preferred Produce in New Mexico is converting from organic production to kosher to remain a specialty provider. After watching organic produce decline in price over the past years, they told Produce Grower in May, 2015 they decided to make a change. The article tells how they chose Nexus “for the strength of the building.”
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Kosher Growing

Kosher growing for Jewish Orthodox consumers has a set of guidelines that dictate which foods are acceptable for consumption and which ones are not. Preferred Produce in New Mexico has developed a niche market in growing for that growing kosher marketplace. This article appeared in Produce Grower April 2015.
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Ideal Design

Zach Unruh of Stone Creek Hydroponics in northeast Georgia knows how to adapt to customer needs. Zach told GPN this year about why he chose Nexus for his greenhouses to grow his lettuce. He said “These are very well-designed greenhouses and I’m very happy with them”. Stone Creek grows a mix of greens for restaurants and grocery stores in the Atlanta market.
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