Commercial Growers

Nexus has been designing affordable greenhouse structures for you, the grower, since 1967. We have built our reputation on structures of uncompromising quality and the best customer service in the industry.

Our broad range of products use cutting edge technology in heating and cooling to plant movement and automation in our designs.  Our energy efficient greenhouses will use coverings and ventilation methods to give you the most economical growing environment in the industry.

You have been told to think outside the box for better ideas and innovations and when it comes to your greenhouse design, traditional manufacturers will force you to put your ideas inside their box.  At Nexus we like the area outside the lines so let our in house engineering staff customize the greenhouse around your crops and growing systems.

Our experienced sales team can help you find the structure that fits your needs.



Plant Marketing

Plant Marketing in Eau Claire, WI over the past couple of years have upgraded their capabilities with about 12 acres of naturally ventilated, Zephyrs The new ranges have significantly improved their efficiency and ability to deliver product throughout the Midwest.

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Olsonís Greenhouse Gardens, Inc.
“We like dealing with Nexus. Their innovation with the Dual Atrium has helped us, and we believe we ended up with an even better greenhouse. They’re competitive and they’re fair, and I feel good about that. Bottom line, when I put up a Nexus building I really just don’t worry about it. I close the door at night and go home. It’s built so the next generation of Olsons won’t worry about it, either. I really believe in the statement, ‘Relax, it’s a Nexus.’”
Bart Olson, Olson’s Greenhouse Gardens, Inc.

Moss Greenhouses, Inc.
“What impressed us most about building a greenhouse with Nexus was we got what we asked for. We built this structure for the next generation of ownership. There is great integrity in the engineering and design, we have reduced our utility bills, reduced climate-related losses, materials handling flows so much smoother and we have better quality and faster growth on our plants.”
Kevin Moss, President, Moss Greenhouses, Inc.

Bluebird Nursery, Inc
"Flexibility of design components, simple and straightforward erection, and strong customer service make Nexus stand apart from the competition. We didn't have to fit our equipment within a certain greenhouse; Nexus changed their structure to fit our situation. The customer service and product support impressed me most, and it is our satisfaction with their projects that caused us to choose Nexus again."
Tom Hamernik, Bluebird Nursery, Inc.