Controlled Environment Greenhouses (CEA)

The increased consumer interest in eating healthier and knowing where their food comes from has driven the organic and locally grown food movements. This movement has increased the use of greenhouses to provide controlled environments best suited to produce the vegetables, herbs, fruits or even fish to fill this demand. CEA has decreased the carbon footprint of food production by locating the greenhouse nearer to the consumer and increasing production per square foot.

As this market has matured different technologies of growing these food products has emerged. Nexus has become a leader in providing the right conditions to use these technologies for the benefit of the indoor farmer.  We understand the use of hydroponic systems that increase your growing efficiency, grow lights for added production and cooling systems that work specifically for these food products. We are partners with expert growers and producers and know how to help you with your next project.

Many growers across the US are turning to herbs and vegetables to round out their seasonal production. Both fresh produce and fruit crops can be grown in empty greenhouse space in the off-season thereby increasing the greenhouse turns and adding to the bottom line.

Our experienced staff has the expertise to help you with your layout and can recommend the right type of insect screening, and ventilation and covering options for your high production project.

Nexus, the team with a proven track record in the Controlled Environment Agriculture market.


Gotham Greens-Whole Foods Market

Gotham Greens is a pioneer in using Controlled Environments on rooftops to produce a variety of vegetables for local markets. The project on the roof of a new Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn compliments their initial farm in Greenpoint.

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