Green Practices at Nexus

                                        Green Practices at Nexus        

 A. Green Products:

            1. Passive ventilation eliminating mechanical equipment and electrical costs

                        a. Atrium Vents – Most efficient state of the art roof vent option on the market

                        b. Guillotine Vents – fully open wall venting

                        c. Drop Curtains - less expensive passive venting for walls and vertical roof vents

            2. Shade curtains

                        a. Heat Retention – for energy savings by reducing heat loss through the roof

                        b. Shade –reduces heat gain therefore reducing cooling costs during the day      

                        c. Dual Curtains – additional energy savings by reducing heat loss through the use of a second heat retention curtain at night. Used on cold, sunny days during growing hours to reduce heat loss.

            3. Zephyr/Zail Adaptors – converts older mechanically cooled greenhouses into passively cooled houses using state of the art vent options

            4. Covering options – heat savings with high R-values, shaded products to reduce heat gain and products that reflect heat giving IR light wavelengths

            5. Alternative energy- Wind, Solar, Biomass


B. Green Fabrication Policies:

            1. The use of steel tube allows for no wasted product going to landfills

            2. Recycling of aluminum extrusions and flashing eliminating waste



C. Green Office Policies and Practices:

            1. Reducing paper usage by Electronic File Storage of job drawings – eliminating large, multiple page outputs

            2. Recycle of aluminum cans, paper and electronic products

            3. Elimination of bottled water cooler with installation of a water filtered cooler using tap water

            4. Use and change out of traditional bulb to fluorescent bulbs

            5. Substitution of plates and silverware in kitchen for paper and plastic plates and utensils eliminating landfill.

            6. Construction of an herb plant wall to promote healthy eating habits and local grown products.

            7. Reduction of printed brochures by availability on the website for review or downloading.

            8. Reducing paper usage by scanning and emailing internal office memos and faxes as opposed to making or mailing hard copies.