When You Think You Need A Metal Building

Lucas Greenhouses, a family-owned and operated grower in New Jersey, had outgrown its original shipping facility when owner George Lucas decided to build a new structure in 2014. With demand increasing, the Lucas team was working late into the night during peak months to funnel crops through four shipping doors, and a change was needed.
Posted on 11/25/2015

Gotham Greens Takes Locally Grown Produce to a Whole New Level

This article in Greenhouse Grower Magazine in July 2014 is a story about Gotham Greens and how they built the country’s FIRST commercial-scale rooftop greenhouse operation in Brooklyn, New York. The article also talks about their plans for two more projects. One is on the rooftop of a Whole Foods Market in Gowanus, Brooklyn and the third is a 60,000 square foot rooftop in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens. The article explores how they made their vision a reality.
Posted on 5/11/2015 12:00:00 PM

Gotham Greens Builds World’s LARGEST Rooftop Greenhouse

Gotham Greens partnering with Method Products PBC, constructed the world’s largest rooftop greenhouse in Chicago, Illinois. Read the interview with Viraj Puri, CEO of Gotham Greens as he describes their project to integrate food production into the LEED Platinum certified manufacturing facility. The Nexus greenhouse is over 75,000 square feet and will grow over 500 tons of fresh salad greens annually for the Chicago market.
Posted on 5/11/2015 11:59:00 AM

The Flower Bin Creates Space for Veggies

Veggies and other edibles were in such high demand that the Flower Bin in Longmont Colorado built them their own space in their store. The new greenhouse was an addition to existing greenhouses and added a 13% increase in sales this year. The article in Produce Grower in October, 2014 describes their plan to add more space for that growing market.
Posted on 5/11/2015 11:58:00 AM

A Destination Spot for Edibles and Floriculture

Walker Farm tells Produce Grower in March 2015 about its willingness to listen to the market and make the changes that they need to. Just because they have been in business for 200 years, does not mean that they are not flexible. Their ever-evolving business has more than 25 greenhouse structures designed to cater to the southern Vermont customers.
Posted on 5/11/2015 11:57:00 AM

AgriStarts Ramp-Up Edibles Program

AgriStarts in Apopka, Florida tells the editor of Produce Grower in March 2015 about their 30,000 square feet of Nexus Greenhouse with all the “bells, whistles, shades, lights and automation you could possibly want and filled it up with edibles”. AgriStarts continues to look for new niches in providing edibles. Some of its more popular crops are rare plants that are difficult to find in the US.
Posted on 5/11/2015 11:56:00 AM

Everything’s Kosher

Preferred Produce in New Mexico is converting from organic production to kosher to remain a specialty provider. After watching organic produce decline in price over the past years, they told Produce Grower in May, 2015 they decided to make a change. The article tells how they chose Nexus “for the strength of the building.”
Posted on 5/11/2015 11:55:00 AM

Kosher Growing

Kosher growing for Jewish Orthodox consumers has a set of guidelines that dictate which foods are acceptable for consumption and which ones are not. Preferred Produce in New Mexico has developed a niche market in growing for that growing kosher marketplace. This article appeared in Produce Grower April 2015.
Posted on 5/11/2015 11:54:00 AM

Ideal Design

Zach Unruh of Stone Creek Hydroponics in northeast Georgia knows how to adapt to customer needs. Zach told GPN this year about why he chose Nexus for his greenhouses to grow his lettuce. He said “These are very well-designed greenhouses and I’m very happy with them”. Stone Creek grows a mix of greens for restaurants and grocery stores in the Atlanta market.
Posted on 5/11/2015 11:53:00 AM

James Greenhouses: Operation of the Year

Ken and Leah James were named the Operation of the Year at Greenhouse Growers 2012 Evening of Excellence at OFA. “Both Leah and Ken understand where they are going and drive their business plan to meet those goals. They are smart, articulate, business savvy and just a pleasure to work with. says Nexus Southeastern Sales manager Jerry Bleckley who recently worked with the Jameses on approximately an acre of Dual Atrium bottom shoes
Posted on 5/28/2013

Nexus Officially Opens Illinois Plant

On October 16th, Nexus Corporation officially opened the expansion of its manufacturing and assembly facility in Pana, IL, with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The new facility more than doubles the footprint of our original building and incorporates all of the latest in technological advances”, said company CEO Cheryl Longtin.
Posted on 5/28/2013

Nexus Creates New Product Group

Nexus Greenhouse Systems recently announced the formation of a new product division called LINX Greenhouses. This new division will offer a new line of greenhouses to supplement the needs of the company’s customers for a structure that will complete their growing cycle from beginning to end.
Posted on 1/8/2013

Bob's Market: Operation of the Year 2011

Robert Barnitz and his wife Corena started a top notch business 41 years ago and set the standards for their five sons who today run Bob’s Market and Greenhouses in Mason, West Virginia. Read the article in Greenhouse Grower, September 2011 edition that outlines their business philosophy and the reasons they have been so successful. Today Bob’s has 815,000 square feet of greenhouse production and five retail locations.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:50:00 PM

Nexus Greenhouses: Structures that Withstand Elements

Berry Family Nurseries in 2011 experienced some weather challenges that resulted in new Nexus greenhouse structures in their Oklahoma location. In 2011, Oklahoma experienced one of the worst blizzards in history, 50-60 mile per hour winds and 110 to 116 degree weather and drought conditions. In addition to meeting their deadlines and building structures built to last, Nexus also “provided a great growing environment” said Burl Berry the Chief Operating Officer.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:47:00 PM

OFA Newsletter Features Warschauer's Passion on Sales of Food

In the May/June 2011 OFA newsletter Jeff talks about the many ways that garden centers today are selling and marketing food to their customers. There is no one answer that works for everyone. It depends on your community but there are many options that can be considered from cafes, ice cream, fudge, fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, jams and jellies, wine doughnuts, to a bakery. He describes the “back to basics” movement. Make sure you read this and get some new ideas.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:46:00 PM

Adam Moseley 2012 GPN/Nexus Intern of the Year

This University of Florida student did his internship at Garden Genetics, a commercial plant breeding company in Centre County, Pa. The internship provided Adam with the opportunity to do self-directed breeding projects intended to obtain optimal plants for market. His advisor described him as “naturally curious and creative and in love with plants”. After beating out many talented intern nominations, Adam will use this experience to look for the next step.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:43:00 PM

Energy Efficiency in the Greenhouse

Jeff Warschauer walks us through the efficient use of energy in a greenhouse. Jeff takes us from ventilation to shade and energy curtains, heating, controls and our changing uses and requirements. Read the article that Jeff authored for the Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association for their July/August 2011 newsletter.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:42:00 PM

40 Under 40

Nexus is proud to be one of the sponsors of the 40 Under 40 Award where we honor 40 individuals who are under 40 years of age who have already made a significant impact on our industry. They also offer us a glimpse at the impact that they wil make in the coming years.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:40:00 PM

Why We Must Cultivate New Customers

Two days in August a select group of growers, industry suppliers and allied representatives were gathered by Greenhouse Grower for a roundtable meeting that they called the Grow Summit. They talked about and presented solutions to put the floriculture industry into a position of long-term profitable growth. One of the key priorities was to Cultivate New Customers. This is an article by Jeff Warschauer, our Vice President of Sales that he wrote for the Grow Initiative in December 2011. One of the important points that he makes is that we must convert consumers to customers.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:36:00 PM

The Keys To Long Term Profitability

For the May issue of Greenhouse Grower, Jeff Warschauer discusses his suggestions for long-term profitability based on what he sees in our industry. This article is also written for the GG Grow Initiative. Jeff suggests that Flexibility and Agility are the keys to achieving that profitability.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:35:00 PM

Briggs Nursery - Why We Rebuilt

This Q& A from the September issue of Today’s Garden Center talks to Gary Briggs, the owner of Briggs Nursery in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. The beautiful new garden center replaced their old outdated structure. They wanted a destination garden center and that is what they have. See the photos in the article or go to the retail customer section of our web site and see more.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:34:00 PM

Bemis Farms Cuts Down on Empty Handed Customers

Ed and Tina Bemis in Spencer, Massachusetts learned that just having a big number of customers in your garden center for an event does not mean increased sales. After analyzing the results of their efforts, they adapted and doing things differently have been able to host meaningful events that also result in buyers.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:33:00 PM

Gotham Greens Rooftop in Brooklyn New York

This rooftop garden is the first commercial urban rooftop greenhouse in the US. It sits on the roof of a former bowling alley in Brooklyn. The article in Grower Talks in February 2012 has a beautiful photo of that operation. There is a real demand for locally grown produce and this operation is ready to provide it to their community.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:31:00 PM

Hoerr Nursery Looks at Maximizing Dollars

How to move that unsold inventory is an age-old problem Hoerr Nursery tackled that problem and has a number of good suggestions for others to learn from. The garden center in Peoria, Illinois wanted to be innovative and not just slash prices to move product or to keep it until it wiled. They look at gross margin return on inventory investment in this November 2010 article in Today’s Garden Center.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:29:00 PM

Produce Growers - How To Work with Garden Centers

Jeff Warschauer discusses in the new magazine Produce Grower in February 2010, the w2yas to keep the motivation up for end consumers who want to grow a garden. He discusses how to incorporate produce sales into your garden center and how to better market that product.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:27:00 PM

Larry Reit, Plant Marketing Winner of HILA Awards

In honoring the 5 regional winners of the Horticultural Industries Leadership Awards, GIE in Greenhouse Management December 2011 issue, they interviewed Larry Reit the owner of Plant Marketing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Larry has 9 acres of Nexus greenhouses. “We’ve had two of the best years we’ve ever had”, said Larry. This article explores some of his secrets.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:25:00 PM

Agri-Starts Incredible Edibles

Agri-Starts is in search of incredible edible plants for consumers and growers alike. Greenhouse Management and Production in December 2010, took a look at their many successes. They just added 30,000 sq feet of greenhouse space to handle the fruit prorogation that they are doing. In addition to pineapple, figs, kiwis and bananas, they are now producing blueberries and blackberries for commercial growers. They are on the cutting edge of the locally grown movement.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:23:00 PM

Pleasant Vew Gardens Naturally Ventilated Greenhouses

When a fire burned a large section of their greenhouse space, Henry and Jeff Huntington responded with new naturally ventilated Nexus structures that were completed in two months. This allowed them to replace an aging structure and get more efficiency and turns that they needed to meet their customers’ demands. Between April 1 and August 1, they had already turned it 2 ½ times.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:21:00 PM

Kaw Valley Greenhouses are Retail Ready

The story in Greenhouse Management and Production August 2010 tells the story of how Kaw Valley Greenhouses dropped their wholesale customers in favor of their own retail stores. After 42 years of growing in Manhattan, Kansas, they broke off their arrangement with Kroger and focuses on their own retail operations in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska in seasonal garden centers that were open from April to June.
Posted on 5/20/2012 7:19:00 PM

Building Improvements Into Your Structure

Jeff Warschauer discusses the trends and changes in our growing world in such areas as retrofitting using different types of vents and designing and building utility houses. The GPN Structures article gives growers some insights into the requirements from local municipalities and how Nexus can help with those issues.
Posted on 11/8/2011

Think Food

The April issue of Lawn and Garden Retailer featured an article written by Jeff Warschauer about the opportunities for retailers to supplement their existing products with food products and things to eat. Jeff examines how “today’s food trends – local, sustainable, organic, pesticide-free, humanely grown, home-made, and fresh – are a natural fit with retail garden centers, creating opportunities for incremental seasonal sales and reinforcing customer interest throughout the year.”
Posted on 11/1/2011

2011 GPN/Nexus Intern of the Year

Amy Hinkle is the recipient of this year’s scholarship. Her family owned a produce farm in Belle Center, Ohio where from the age of 11, she grew and sold cut flowers. A senior at Penn State, she did her internship at Bear Creek Farms in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Bear Creek is a 40-acre cut flower farm that grows and sells more than 90 different varieties of cut flowers year-round. “This is a young woman with a challenging mind and a desire to learn” adds Cheryl Longtin, Nexus CEO.
Posted on 10/15/2011

How To Cut Costs and Improve Energy Efficiency

The Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association asked Jeff Warschauer to talk about efficiencies of cost and energy in the July/August issue of their magazine. Don’t miss Jeff’s thoughts on ventilation, shade and energy curtains, heating, controls, etc. Advances in greenhouse design make it easier to manage costs and improve performance.
Posted on 10/8/2011

Plant Marketing Encore

The cover story of Big Grower in June 2010 tells the story of Larry Reit and the Plant Marketing team. In the article he says that when he started selling his product wholesale, he never imagined that it would be operating on the scale that it is today…..coming from a “12 foot greenhouse to a garden center to this”, Reit said pointing to his new Nexus greenhouses.
Posted on 7/3/2010

Building Codes

The National Greenhouse Manufacturer’s Association is focused on writing standards specific to greenhouses and assisting the proper authorities to ensure these structures are understood and treated correctly. This article in the July 2010 issue of Greenhouse Management and Production is authored by Craig Humphrey, Vice-President of Engineering for Nexus and the chairman of the Structures Committee of the NGMA. “Municipalities and other government entities are seeking to generate additional revenue through the enforcement of building codes that previously had exempted construction projects like greenhouses”.
Posted on 7/2/2010

Wilson's Flexible Facility

Ned and Mitzi Wilson reinvented themselves. After 41 years Wilson’s has a new Nexus garden center totaling almost 20,000 square feet. The Nexus Vail Atrium™ with curved bottom chord trusses and glass walls create an open feeling that shouts: “Shop till you Drop”. They maximized their space using covered walkways to tie everything together to pull customers to the nursery and back., Read the Today’s Garden Center July, 2010 article to learn more.
Posted on 7/1/2010

Homestead's Grand Opening

Homestead Gardens’ April grand opening of its second location in Severna Park, MD, had rave reviews. Homestead is number 22 in Nursery Retailers’ Top 100 Independent Garden Centers. They also have their flagship operation about twenty miles away in Davidson, MD. Nexus designed and built the garden center’s Atrium™ style greenhouse which was connected to their existing building and leads out to the nursery yard. Nursery Retailer, IGC show issue 2010 has photos of that celebration and the new garden center.
Posted on 6/2/2010

Tom's Farm Market

The cover story in Nursery Retailer, IGC 2010show issue was 8 pages of great information on Tom’s and how he and Huntley Illinois have grown over the years. For over 50 years, Tom Halat has lived his dream of being a farmer. Today his 16,000 sq. ft. of retail space, display gardens, and production greenhouses offer the customers a garden center, produce market, gift shop and bakery. Learn how he realizes his dream every day.
Posted on 6/1/2010

Unexpected Expansion

“A January fire at Pleasant View Gardens threatened the grower’s spring but a mighty fast rebuild and the right supporting cost kept the operation on track”. That’s the headline and the title in the Greenhouse Grower, Mid-May, 2010 story. The Huntingtons needed their rebuild completed by April 1st to meet their already scheduled deadlines. “Two weeks later they were putting posts in the grounds, and 26 days later the structure was up.” The Pleasant View and Nexus teams worked together to bring about a great solution.
Posted on 5/1/2010

Watters Garden Center, Prescott, Arizona

“With a niche as the local experts and a clear focus on the bottom line, garden retailing is serious business for Watters Garden Center”. The March 2010 cover story in Today’s Garden Center describes Watters as one of the most revolutionary garden centers in the country. Some recent innovations include making upgrades to their garden center facilities, including structure, parking, benching and displays, interior layout, exterior layout and technology.
Posted on 3/1/2010

2010 Innovator Award WInner

Stauffers of Kissel Hill is the Innovator of the Year. Read the story in Garden Center Magazine, February 2010 that describes their business success and what their team does that helped them win this award. This family-owned business understands how to take their great ideas and make them work. Stauffers of Kissel Hill did major redevelopment at its Rohrerstown, PA location with a new 78,000 sq. ft. supermarket.
Posted on 2/1/2010

Liner Pioneers

Oglesby Plants International is taking its tissue culture and young plant production beyond foliage and tropicals. The cover story of Greenhouse Grower, January 2010 explains what they are doing in Altha, Florida. Founded in 1947, Oglesby has evolved into a premier breeder and young plant producer. To help meet their uncompromising quality standards, Oglesby’s facilities employ a mix of advanced technology. Poly and polycarbonate greenhouses are computer climate-controlled and equipped with rolling European-style benches, cooling pads, and Nexus shade and heat retention systems.
Posted on 1/2/2010

2009 GPN/Nexus Intern of the Year

This year’s outstanding intern was Drew Guffey who grew up in a 112 year old family business in the Pittsburgh, PA area. He graduated from Colorado State University. Drew did his internship at Tagawa Greenhouses and was subsequently offered a position with them. He now is their head grower at their New Mexico location. In the January 2010 issue of GPN, Cheryl Longtin, Nexus CEO said “Drew respected all that he learned from his parents but wanted to supplement that knowledge. He did not choose a company for his internship that was a duplicate of his parent’s business. He sought out an internship that would compliment his background and help him grow.”
Posted on 1/1/2010

Growing in the Mountain States

So what does the cover story in Greenhouse Grower, December 2009 tell us about the last thirty years of the Olson Family and their operation in Salem, Utah? The four generations of Olsons have changed as the industry has changed. Today they grow annuals, perennials, and blooming potted plants and sell to the national retailers in the Rocky Mountain States. They have 1.2 million sq. ft. of greenhouse production and 650,000 sq. ft. of outdoor production. Chad Olson said “We feel that the industry is booming and are glad to be a part of it.”
Posted on 12/1/2009

Atlantic Garden Center

Christian and Sarah Crowell Dulina have successfully transitioned Atlantic Garden Center in Virginia Beach, VA from her parents who founded the business in 1991. The Dulinas bought the 2 acre facility and proceeded to put their own mark on the business. The Dulinas are working with Nexus to remodel the first four bays of the original Nexus garden center, about 10,000 sq. ft. housing the cashier area, gift shop, and hard good lines. The Cover story in Today’s Garden Center, November 2009, talks about their ideas of working with their staff and local customers.
Posted on 11/1/2009

Retail Display - Fixture Options

Evan Sharples, design engineer for Nexus tells about the many options that retailers have for displays and fixtures in their garden centers. The September 2009 issue of GPN walks you through the history of displays and the current available options. “Keeping plant material watered and looking good can be incredibly time consuming for grower/retailer staff members who could be helping customers in the meantime”. The Nexus self watering benches offer timely solutions to retailers looking for ways to sell more economically.
Posted on 9/2/2009

Lucas Greenhouses - Grower of the Year

“George and Louise Lucas combine the best in high tech and high touch by mixing modern production with mom-and-pop values. We are proud to recognize Lucas Greenhouses as our 25th Grower of the Year”, Greenhouse Grower, Sept 2009. With 770,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse production space in Monroeville, NJ, George Lucas has emerged as “one of the fastest growing, well-diversified operations in our industry”. “Lucas Greenhouses has steadily grown over the years because of its devotion to excellence” said Jeff Warschauer, Nexus Vice-President of Sales. Read all about their operations and success.
Posted on 9/1/2009

Retail Reliability

Today’s Garden Center’s July 2009 issue announces the introduction of a new line of self-watering benches that will save retailers money and provide uniform watering to plants. Nexus has always been in the business of benches, but now there is a bench designed specifically to meet the needs of retailers. Evan Sharples, design and operations engineer at Nexus said: “We saw a need to allow the customer to start to save money on their shrink and extensive amount of labor that is incurred to water those plants. So we wanted to design a product using technologies in the growing environment – capillary mats, and ebb and flood – integrated into a retail friendly product”.
Posted on 7/2/2009

Natural Ventilation

From energy efficiency to roof coverings, the Zephyr™ and Zail™ from Nexus have options, each offering distinct advantages. Read the Product Showcase in Greenhouse Grower, July 2009 that describes the benefits and functions of those naturally ventilation products. “These naturally ventilated greenhouses help optimize growing conditions by giving growers a superior, affordable cooling solution. Grower experience in these houses indicates the ability to hold outside ambient temperature in the greenhouse without use of mechanical cooling.”
Posted on 7/1/2009

Warschauer's Conversion TIps

In the On-line version of Greenhouse Grower, June 2009, Jeff Warschauer, Vice President of Sales for Nexus, wrote the ten factors that growers should consider before converting production facilities to retail. If this is one of the things that you are considering, make sure you take a look.
Posted on 6/4/2009

Western Garden Centers, Utah

“Why do people choose to garden in the Salt Lake area?” Lon Clayton owner of Western Garden Centers answers that “it is because each gardener wants to create an environment around her home that reflects her values”. One focus recently has been on the business of providing a venue for weddings. This Cover story in Nursery Retailer, IGC show issue, 2009 describes their operation in much detail including their ability to try something new and know when it is and isn’t working for them.
Posted on 6/3/2009

High Hand Conservatory, Nursery & Art Gallery

The Cover story of Garden Chic magazine, IGC show edition in 2009 was about High-Hand in Loomis, California and the unusual approaches that they have successfully incorporated into their business. Beginning as a landscape contractor, Scott Paris decided to enter the world of a retail garden center. Scott incorporated his café theme into the garden center with tables set inviting customers to stop and enjoy a pleasant lunch or weekend dinner. People almost forget that they are in a 38,000 sq. ft. garden center.
Posted on 6/2/2009

Changing the Face of Retail

So what does Stauffers of Kissel Hill do to reinvent itself? This third generation of owners has reinvented itself a number of times to offer customers the best in garden center and supermarket retail. This 77-year old operation knows what you have to do to not only exist but to thrive in a recession environment. The story also includes how they were successful in successfully merging their existing business with that of the two locations of Country Market Nursery which they acquired in 2008. At the same time they were remodeling their Rohrerstown garden center and supermarket. Read the cover story in Today’s Garden Center, June 2009.
Posted on 6/1/2009

Plant Marketing

The cover article in Greenhouse Grower, Mid-May 2009 issue is about Plant Marketing, LLC located in Eau Clair, Wisconsin, and their new Nexus Zephyr project comprised of 18 - 30’x420’ greenhouses. Larry Reit, owner of Plant Marketing bought land in September, broke ground on the project in mid-October and completed it the first week of January. When describing his experience with Nexus, Reit said: “I was really happy with them. They told us they were going to have X amount of semis on X date and they did. They stayed with their commitment.”
Posted on 5/15/2009

Mariani Gardens Gives Your Senses a Treat

Read the story about Mariani Gardens in Armonk, NY and you will taste, smell, and see the beauty of their operation. The Gardens is a climate-controlled Nexus structure that features items handpicked from around the world. The Green Profit, April 2009 story has many pictures including those of their water cascading wall, 1000 sq. ft. café, and customer friendly entrance. The double sided water wall that separates the retail area from the greenhouse is a focal point of the operation.
Posted on 4/2/2009

Campbell's Nursery in Lincoln Nebraska

The Campbell’s four generations have grown Campbell’s Nurseries and garden Centers from a hobby business 97 years ago to an “operation that provides landscape design, installation and maintenance services; including two full-service garden centers; and features more than 200 acres for greenhouse, container, and field production.” This story in American Nurseryman in April 2009 features a family who has successfully transitioned their business from one generation to another concentrating on their strengths.
Posted on 4/1/2009

Taking Environmental Responsibility to Heart

Lloyd and Candy Traven are featured in the cover story of Greenhouse Management and Production, March 2009 article. The Travens have incorporated their beliefs into how they grow. They believe in producing chemical-free plans that are beneficial to the body, the mind, the spirit and the environment. In February, Peace Tree obtained USDA organic certification for their facility. Lloyd said: “Sustainability is a positive message, but it’s now become a certification requirement for large growers”. Read how they do it in a Nexus greenhouse.
Posted on 3/1/2009

2008 GPN/Nexus Intern of the Year

The January issue of GPN presents the winner of the Intern of the Year Award. The winner is Paul Jemison. Paul grew up in Kansas, and will be graduating from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. He did his internship at Molbak’s Greenhouse and Nursery outside Seattle. He is enthusiastic and is willing to take risks and to function in areas that are totally new to him. He will be an asset to our industry.
Posted on 1/4/2009

Bob's Market

Bob’s Market in Mason, West Virginia has quadrupled in size in 12 years, going from 4 acres to 17. Read in Big Grower how they have “adapted to constant change – in the economy, the horticulture industry, and retail as a whole”. The Barnitz five sons inherited their love of growing-retailing from their father and demonstrate their abilities making it one of the industry’s premier locations.
Posted on 1/3/2009

Multi-Zone Greenhouse

Garden Genetics in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania is a unique breeding company. Read in the Greenhouse Grower article how they began and what they do. This article tells how a Nexus customer approaches his new project and the experiences they had in the building process and after.
Posted on 1/2/2009

Up and Coming Businesses

Three of four of the Up and Comers named by Grower Talks in the January issue are Nexus greenhouse owners. Each of them has a very different story. They all approach their business with zeal and a willingness to change to meet the needs of their customers. You will see more and more of these four companies.
Posted on 1/1/2009

Where Are the Interns Now?

The August, 2008 story in GPN helps us catch up with the 9 interns who have been GPN/Nexus scholarship winners. It is interesting to see where the years have taken them.
Posted on 12/30/2008

Tips on Building A New Greenhouse

Follow the building of a new greenhouse from beginning to end with Mulhall’s, the Nebraska-based retailer/grower/landscaper. They selected the Nexus Dual-Atrium greenhouse because of the environmental controls that it gave them. The article in Greenhouse Product News describes several hurdles such as challenging weather. The good news is that it is “some of the best quality crops we’ve grown. In fact the company experienced a boost in sales in 2008 compared to the previous year.” According to Juan Sio Guie, production supervisor and annuals head grower.
Posted on 12/1/2008

Cost of Lost Opportunity

In answer to question number 3, Jeff Warschauer, VP Sales Nexus explains the time-value cost of waiting to invest. This article in Today’s Garden Center talks about the high cost of lost opportunity. “Procrastination is the thief of time and money”. – Unknown
Posted on 11/1/2008

Great Merchandising

In “Dedication to Perfection” in Today’s Garden Center, co-owners of Cornell Farm, Ed Blatter and Deby Barnhart describe their route to record profits over the past three years. Portland Oregon is the home of their Nexus structure. These entrepreneurs keep a sharp eye on the bottom line and do some great merchandising.
Posted on 10/1/2008

Winterize Your Greenhouse

Jeff Warschauer, VP Sales and Craig Humphrey, VP Engineering for Nexus team up to offer suggestions on what you should do to winterize your greenhouse. Read the Greenhouse Grower article and make sure that your greenhouses are ready for the changes in temperature.
Posted on 10/1/2008

2008 Retailer of the Year

The winner of the 2008 Retailer of the Year Award is Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville, Maryland. Don Riddle talks about his journey from a small road-side stand in 1973 to today’s 57,000 square foot covered space and 15 outdoor acres. This award is given each year by Nursery Retailer magazine in honor of the magazine’s founder Dick Morey.
Posted on 9/1/2008

Retailer Spotlight

If you want to know their favorite products, read the Garden Center Magazine article in September 2008 spotlighting Boulevard Flower Gardens in Colonial Heights, Virginia. Owners Mark and Francine Landa have expanded their full-service garden center to be 97% retail and 3% wholesale. They also have florist and landscaping services.
Posted on 9/1/2008

Hoerr Nursery

The cover story in the July issue of Today’s Garden Center is about the Hoerr Nursery family in Peoria, Illinois. The article describes how they have adapted over the years through three generations. They report fantastic sales in their new garden center. Nate Hoerr says that their new garden center is “one of the best retail business decisions we have made”.
Posted on 7/1/2008

Family Business

Dave and Joyce Hart tell the special story about their business and their family. Chris and Jess are the NEXGeneration at Hart's Greenhouses and Florist. Read "Family Matters" from the June 2008 issue of Lawn and Garden Retailer.
Posted on 6/1/2008

Putting the Green in Greenhouse

Greenhouse manufacturers make their structures more energy and cost-efficient for growers. Read what Craig Humphrey, VP Engineering for Nexus has to say about the green design movement and how it affects greenhouses. The article in American Nurseryman discusses a variety of views.
Posted on 6/1/2008

Want to Build Your Own Greenhouse?

Lucas Greenhouses in Monroeville, New Jersey has found that it pays to have employees dedicated to greenhouse construction. Thirty years ago, he had about 9,000 square feet and today he has over 630,000 square feet of Nexus greenhouses. George Lucas says “I love to build greenhouses. The Greenhouse Grower article describes how he is successful at building while still running the day-to-day operation.
Posted on 5/1/2008

Learning to Conserve

Pleasant View Gardens' owner and Nexus customer Henry Huntington talks about measures Pleasant View Gardens has taken to make their greenhouses more energy efficient. In the April, 2008 Greenhouse Product News article titled "Learning to Conserve" you can also read Jeff Warschauer, Nexus Vice President of Sales talk about how Huntington's Dual Atrium structures and dual curtains have contributed to Pleasant View's energy savings by eliminating the need for cooling fans, and reducing heat loss and condensation leaks.
Posted on 4/1/2008

2008 ANLA Retail Rising Star

The cover story in the March, 2008 issue of Today's Garden Center, salutes Steve McShane as the ANLA's Retail RIsing Star in "The Sky's The Limit" Read about Steve's Nexus Garden Center and his philosophy of succeeding in business.
Posted on 3/1/2008

Henry Huntington

“Checking In With Henry Huntington” in Greenhouse Grower March 2008 shows the five covers of Greenhouse Grower that have featured Henry over the years. The first time was in 1987, appearing with his father John and brother Jeff. The last one was with Jeff where they were honored as Grower of the Year. This article asks Henry, of Pleasant View Gardens, a number of questions about the industry today as well as what he sees in the future.
Posted on 3/1/2008

Revolutionary 100 National Winner

Nexus is proud to be one of the sponsors of Today’s Garden Center’s Top 100 Revolutionary Garden Centers Award and even more proud that the winner this year is Hillermann Nursery and Florist in Washington, Missouri. Sandi Hillermann McDonald and her brother Scott Hillermann discuss their operation and what makes them revolutionary.
Posted on 2/1/2008

2007 Intern Award Winner

Eric Pitzen, winner of the 2007 GPN/Nexus Intern Award completed four internships during his college tenure. Read his story in "Rooted in Passion" in the January. 2008 cover story of Greenhouse Product News.
Posted on 1/1/2008

Mariani Gardens

Mariani Gardens in Armonk, New York features an ultimate shopping experience. See the unique way they designed their garden center to include a fireplace, floral shop, elegant check-out, gardens with walkways and a ceiling to floor waterfall. The gorgeous photos in Garden Chic magazine tell it all.
Posted on 1/1/2008

An Expansion That Worked

Buck's Country Gardens in Doylestown, Pennsylvania is the topic of the story entitled "An Expansion That Worked" in the October issue of Garden Center Magazine. Their garden center expansion included a 60-car paved parking lot, a large warehouse, a barn-style garden shop, a gutter-connected greenhouse, a covered perimeter canopy and expansive outside plant display yard. See the article for more details.
Posted on 10/1/2007

Atlantic Garden Center

The cover story in the IGC Show issue of Nursery Retailer featured Atlantic Garden Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Jim and Jane Crowell share their experiences as garden center owners – the lessons they learned from mistakes and successes. They describe how the investment in their Nexus greenhouse added to their revenues.
Posted on 8/1/2007

Structure Round-Up

Jeff Warschauer, Nexus VP Sales and representatives from several other greenhouse manufacturers talk about trends in greenhouse and retail construction. Today’s Garden Center has made a list of all of their suggestions to include what you need to do in preparation for a build or a rebuild.
Posted on 8/1/2007

Make Your Move

The new Nexus facility at Boulevard Flowers in Colonial Heights, VA is three miles away from their 52 year old facility. Read about their planning and transition in the Lawn and Garden Retailer story in July 2007 "Make Your Move".
Posted on 7/1/2007

Transition from Wholesale to Retail Grower

Marsha and Greg Haefner made the transition from wholesale grower to retail grower at For the Garden at Haefner’s Greenhouse near St. Louis, Missouri. They describe the steps they followed to make that change. They tell their customers that they appreciate their business by serving coffee for them to enjoy as they travel the destination gardens. Read the story “Overcoming the Hurdles” in Grower Talks magazine.
Posted on 7/1/2007

How Long Is Long?

When investing in your new facility, how far out should you begin planning? Read the June 2007 article "How Long Is Long?" in GrowerTalks magazine and see what Craig Humphrey, Nexus Vice President of Engineering has to say.
Posted on 6/1/2007

Equipped To Grow

Hart’s Greenhouse and Florist LLC is featured on the cover of GMPRO in the article “Hart’s is Equipped to Grow”. The Harts in Canterbury, Connecticut have come a long way from selling a few flats of leftover tomato plants to a local hardware store. They now have three retail garden centers and have expanded production facilities to grow for their own stores. Hart’s now includes their son Chris and daughter Jessica. These retail-growers know what they are doing and do it well.
Posted on 4/1/2007

What's Happening With Structure?

The open roof is by far the biggest movement in our industry" said Jeff Warschauer, Nexus Vice-President of Sales, when asked "What's Happening With Structure?" Read the GPN article from the April 2007 issue.
Posted on 4/1/2007

Menne Nursery

Menne Nursery and Garden Artistry owners Gary and Kathy Sokolowski describe the alterations that they have made to their 67 year old Amherst, New York institution. The article in Garden Center Magazine tells about their new classroom that holds 40, their new logo and colors, the covered walkways and their plans for the future. They have been working with a master plan and it is working for them.
Posted on 3/1/2007

Nurturing Urban Gardens

The winner of the Nexus Community Garden Contest was New Roots Urban Farm in St. Louis, MO. Read "Nurturing Urban Gardens" in Greenhouse Grower, March 2007. New Roots won a Nexus greenhouse for their facility in the national contest.
Posted on 3/1/2007

Platt Hill Nursery

Garden Center Magazine featured an interview in March, 2007 “What we’re really selling is outdoor beauty”, with Platt Hill the owner of Platt Hill Nursery in Chicago, Illinois. He is very proud of his standout garden centers. He talks in this interview about how he got into the industry and how he competes in a crowded market.
Posted on 3/1/2007

Retail Rising Star

Frank Fernicola, Jr. co-owner/manager of Fairfield Garden Center in Fairfield, New Jersey has won the coveted award from Today’s Garden Center. He is described as having award winning dedication. The award is to recognize individuals who are making significant contributions, not only to their garden centers, but to the industry as a whole. In addition to having Nexus greenhouses, he also attributes much of his industry involvement to two of his friends, Bob Heitzman from Mitchell’s and our own Jeff Warschauer.
Posted on 3/1/2007

2006 GPN/Nexus Intern Scholarship

The winner of the 2006 GPN/Nexus Intern Scholarship is Alina Lovelace. Read the "Finding Her Path" story of her 3 month internship and her plans for the future in the January 2007 issue of GPN. The GPN/Nexus Scholarship program is in its ninth year. In the article you will learn how you can submit a nominee for next year.
Posted on 1/1/2007

Navigating The Road To Retail

"Navigating The Road To Retail". The January 2007 issue of Today's Garden Center, tells the story of how Nexus transformed Jerry's For All Seasons in Scranton, PA from a former KFC restaurant to a modern classy destination.
Posted on 1/1/2007