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Unique solutions for unique needs

Need existing structures retrofitted to meet your new crop needs? We can do that too! Come to the experts and tell us what you need. We’ll make it happen for you. 


Welby Gardens

"Nexus has always been there for us in a pinch. As we enter our 60th year in the greenhouse industry, we are well aware that the past 30 years with Nexus have been our very best. They lead the industry not only in quality construction, but also in quality support for the entire industry and its future. Through their noble efforts towards research, scholarship and philanthropy, they are partners of whom we are proud to be associated with."

Al Gerace, Welby Gardens, Denver, Colorado

Plymouth Nursery


“I chose Nexus Corporation for all the right reasons. Faced with a complicated remodel and expansion project I knew selecting the right company was critical to reaching my goals successfully. Not only did I need a great structure, I also needed engineering and architectural help. After researching many firms it became apparent that only one company would satisfy all my needs. The Nexus Engineering staff handled our special needs. Attaching one of the structures to an old metal building took creative design and implementation, all being accomplished successfully. In all, the project was completed on time and on budget. That in itself says everything. Thanks Nexus for a great job.”

Jeff Jones, Plymouth Nursery Home & Garden Showplace.


Tom's Farm Market and Greenhouses

“Quality at an affordable price is what we need as a grower/retailer. That’s what we get as repeat Nexus customers. Our greenhouses have been tailor-made for our needs and those of our customers. That attention to detail has resulted in a tremendous increase in business and great ROI. And, Nexus treats us like family. That’s so important to us and our daughters as we move this family business forward.”

Tom Halat, Tom’s Farm Market and Greenhouses

Hoerr Nursery

“Hands down, this is one of the best investments we have made. In a large operation such as ours, there are always competing demands for capital. With the purchase of our Nexus ‘GardenHouse,’ we are seeing an accelerated return on our investment, not only in a strict monetary sense, but in the ability to provide excellent customer service through magnificent product display and easy product selection. Customers are amazed at the display of plants inside this greenhouse and can’t help but load up their carts!”

Nathan Hoerr, CEO, Hoerr Nursery

Olsonís Greenhouse Gardens, Inc.

“We like dealing with Nexus. Their innovation with the Dual Atrium has helped us, and we believe we ended up with an even better greenhouse. They’re competitive and they’re fair, and I feel good about that. Bottom line, when I put up a Nexus building I really just don’t worry about it. I close the door at night and go home. It’s built so the next generation of Olsons won’t worry about it, either. I really believe in the statement, ‘Relax, it’s a Nexus.’”

Bart Olson, Olson’s Greenhouse Gardens, Inc.

Moss Greenhouses, Inc.

“What impressed us most about building a greenhouse with Nexus was we got what we asked for. We built this structure for the next generation of ownership. There is great integrity in the engineering and design, we have reduced our utility bills, reduced climate-related losses, materials handling flows so much smoother and we have better quality and faster growth on our plants.”

Kevin Moss, President, Moss Greenhouses, Inc.

Bluebird Nursery, Inc

"Flexibility of design components, simple and straightforward erection, and strong customer service make Nexus stand apart from the competition. We didn't have to fit our equipment within a certain greenhouse; Nexus changed their structure to fit our situation. The customer service and product support impressed me most, and it is our satisfaction with their projects that caused us to choose Nexus again."
Tom Hamernik, Bluebird Nursery, Inc.