Retail Garden Centers

The Nexus Retail Team is uniquely qualified to help you design the garden center of your dreams.  We have traveled the world seeing garden centers and staying in touch with the latest trends in retailing.  You can catch the team giving talks and participating in retail round tables throughout the year at trade shows and seminars.  We understand it isn’t just a structure but a feeling and experience you are after.

Our broad range of products can give you any look that you can imagine to create the right shopping experience for you customers. The Nexus team will help you think outside the box for unique layouts and innovations customized around your customer.

Our sponsorships of tours, dinners and retail award programs show our commitment to the retail market and our continued emphasis on being the expert in retail garden centers in the industry.

Our in house engineering staff is able to help with code issues and are licensed in nearly every state to assist you in your permitting and design phase.

Get help designing your garden center by contacting a member of our Retail Team today.


Dale Hardware

This passively cooled garden center incorporates several unique features making this Ace Hardware a beacon to the community. Click on our name to learn more about the unusual security measures and the transparent transition connecting the existing structure to the new garden center.

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Welby Gardens

"Nexus has always been there for us in a pinch. As we enter our 60th year in the greenhouse industry, we are well aware that the past 30 years with Nexus have been our very best. They lead the industry not only in quality construction, but also in quality support for the entire industry and its future. Through their noble efforts towards research, scholarship and philanthropy, they are partners of whom we are proud to be associated with."

Al Gerace, Welby Gardens, Denver, Colorado

Plymouth Nursery


“I chose Nexus Corporation for all the right reasons. Faced with a complicated remodel and expansion project I knew selecting the right company was critical to reaching my goals successfully. Not only did I need a great structure, I also needed engineering and architectural help. After researching many firms it became apparent that only one company would satisfy all my needs. The Nexus Engineering staff handled our special needs. Attaching one of the structures to an old metal building took creative design and implementation, all being accomplished successfully. In all, the project was completed on time and on budget. That in itself says everything. Thanks Nexus for a great job.”

Jeff Jones, Plymouth Nursery Home & Garden Showplace.

Tom's Farm Market and Greenhouses

“Quality at an affordable price is what we need as a grower/retailer. That’s what we get as repeat Nexus customers. Our greenhouses have been tailor-made for our needs and those of our customers. That attention to detail has resulted in a tremendous increase in business and great ROI. And, Nexus treats us like family. That’s so important to us and our daughters as we move this family business forward.”

Tom Halat, Tom’s Farm Market and Greenhouses