Roof Top Greenhouses

Nexus has been building rooftop greenhouses for decades. They allow people to use wasted roof space, especially if their footprint doesn’t allow them room to use a greenhouse on the ground. The designs are custom fit to the buildings that they are built on and require expert engineering knowledge.

The rise of urban farming has increased the interest in this type of construction. In the past rooftop construction was dominated by the Institutional market. Tight, constrained campuses restricted construction sites and the roof of a classroom building was the best option for the greenhouse.

Recently, Nexus has helped to design and construct several high-profile urban greenhouse projects to grow vegetables and herbs. Most of these urban greenhouses are in communities who do not have access to locally grown produce or enough open space to grow with traditional methods. Building on the roof top was their best option.

A rooftop greenhouse should not be constructed without the expert knowledge required to manage and coordinate the installation. The unique challenges that come with getting the greenhouse material  up to the actual building site are not for the inexperienced. Let Nexus's past experiences benefit your project.

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