Structures: Ground - Grounds

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Nexus provides a full line of ground to ground greenhouses for winter crop protection, early spring starts, retail selling space, and inexpensive greenhouse expansions.


  • The Frost Guard is our lowest profile ground to ground house and is available in 15ft and 20ft widths.
  • The bows are 1-1/2" square tube.
  • The 15' Frost Guard has a center purlin and 1-3/8" round ground stakes.
  • The 20' Frost Guard has three purlins, 1-3/8" round ground stakes, and bows that can be spaced either 4' or 6' apart.
  • Square tube makes both houses easy to erect.


  • The Alpine is our most portable structure.
  • The 22' or 26' width is ideal for starting bedding plants, a temporary retail space, or as a storage area.
  • The house is available either with ground stakes or a ground support frame for easy installation on existing asphalt or concrete surfaces.
  • It can easily be erected and disassembled for storage.


  • This ground to ground house provides a more permanent installation.
  • The 1-1/2" square steel bows and three purlins are a more substantial cover at a competitive price.
  • With a 30ft span and 10ft clearance, the structure provides ease of movement for employees and product.
  • Bows can be spaced either 4' or 6' apart.
  • An economical answer to year-round crop protections, it can be fitted with gable ends, flashing, and bow supports.


  • The Columbine is our most durable ground to ground house and can be engineered to snow and wind loads for permitting.
  • It is prefabricated for fast shipment and simple construction.
  • House is constructed with 2" square steel bows and 1-1/2" square purlins and is mounted with 2-1/4" square ground stakes.
  • Ground stakes can be raised up to a 3' sidewall height.
  • The structure can be designed for double polyethylene covering and can also accept polycarbonate.
  • Optional gable framing is available and unit lengths can be either 4' or 6' bow spacings.