Structures: Teton

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  • The low profile arch roof design of the Nexus Teton combines a very energy efficient shape with the engineering expected of Nexus greenhouses.


  • The Teton is commonly covered with double poly it is adaptable to a variety of coverings without changing the structural members of the house. You can hard cover the greenhouse at a later date without major renovations 
  • The Teton gives you a truss design capable of supporting overhead basket systems or watering booms without any additional structural changes.
  • Trusses are factory welded using galvanized steel to offer consistency in dimension and ease of site construction.
  • With one-piece trusses, we ship fewer parts and your greenhouse goes together much faster. This means big savings during construction.
  • Wide-span trusses give you additional crop space and minimize shadowing.
  • The Teton can be designed to meet your local building code requirements no matter what the high wind or heavy snow loads are by the licensed professional engineers at Nexus. 
  • The Teton truss's standard straight bottom chord can be modified with a high clearance option. This permits the use of overhead equipment or larger overhead doors without raising the gutter height. 


  • Standard Sizes: 18', 22', 29', 36'-9", 41'-6", non-standard widths available
  • Sidewall height: 8'-14'
  • Bay Spacing: 10', 12'
  • Nexus column caps and gutter saddles, made of high-strength Tenzaloy, are designed for easy expansion of the house in either direction.
  • Baked-on white enamel paint adds corrosion resistance to the topside of the galvanized “walk-in" gutter system.
  • Standard aluminum flashings and extrusions.
  • Competitively priced.